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We are professional research agents of HGH products in Thailand produced by the most famous companies such as Gensi and Ankebio. We are the first company in Thailand who can guarantee the most efficient quality and successful delivery for FREE. We can provide Express shipment within few hours to anywhere in Thailand. HGH prescription available (easy to travel)
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On this site you can order Jintropin AQ thailand and Ansomone Thailand realy cheap human growth hormone thailand!

Our HGH products


(36iu) 16,000 Baht 13,000 Baht



(80iu kit) 15,000 Baht 13,000 Baht



(100 iu) 10,000 Baht 9,000 Baht

What is Jintropin AQ?

First of all, Jintropin AQ formula is the same as original SOMATROPIN (191AA-rgHG) and it works much faster than powder formulation because it doesn’t have exactly the same structure (see a pic). Consequently, powder formulation must be increased (amounts of IU) from time to time in order to work 100%, because it is PRODUCE ANTIBODIES. This is very important point, particularly for people who use growth hormone as an anti-aging therapy and once they start they can never stop it until they don’t have money, for example. When people get older, natural HGH decrease, and the only possibility to get it back is HGH injections. Yes, and only injections. You can get pills, liquid or any other form, but the only injections will work, because SOMATROPIN can only be injected. Any other forms are waste of money, time and health. Statistically speaking, every 100IU of Jintropin Powder will steal 3% every month of your money if you use any well know HGH from powder formulation. The next 100IU, will be only 94IU and so on. In fact, after two years of using HGH powder formulation it will be less efficient by 60% (doesn't really matter if you had some months off and on, you body will not recover). That is why the price is higher for any HGH Aqua Formulation. In addition, if you purchase generic HGH from a non well-known brand, it will be even worse, not the same purity than well know brand, and produce 10% of antibodies in your body. That is why people don’t really feel generic HGH.

Key problems our customers experienced with other hgh suppliers

  1. 85% of our customers had experiences of purchasing a fake HGH in Thailand or outside the country.
  2. Very expensive prices for the REAL HGH products, because the only sellers are private hospitals. Furthermore, many middle businessmen tried to raise their profit every time they had a contact with the client.
  3. 20% of our customers made an order online but never got the products because of customs regulations for import medical goods without any paper work.
  4. Wrong and non-careful transportation, that didn't provide the right temperature, which was the reason of poor quality HGH.
  5. Long and expensive delivery.

Our benefits over our competitors

  1. We guaranty our clients only Real HGH from the most famous brands in the worlds such as Jintropin and Ansomone.
  2. We can prescribe you HGH (easy to travel around)
  3. We provide free express transportation in Thailand (including ice boxes) with the tracking number. (Phuket, Chang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin). If you order a large quantity we send you our distributor and it doesn’t cost anything extra.
  4. Our prices and quality are the best in Thailand because our HGH comes direct from the producers.
  5. Our HGH Ansomone have different bottles depends on your needs:2 iu, 4 iu, 4.5 iu, 6 iu, 10 iu, 16 iu.
  6. We provide quick payment methods for our costumers in Thailand.
  7. Only We can prove information about where our products came from.


100% money back guarantee if any of our products is Fake and Doesn't have an Official and Unique anti-counterfeiting system for verifying genuine HGH.

You can easily check it out on the official web site of Jintropin, or on the official web site of Ansomone

Benefits of using HGH

Low growth hormone levels can have damaging effects on your body, HGH - Human Growth Hormone helps your body's natural anti-aging ability. Effects and some of the benefits of prescribed HGH when used regularly with typical growth hormones are listed below.
  • Weight Loss - increase of 82%
  • Wrinkle Reduction - increase of 61%
  • Energy Level - increase of 84%
  • Muscle Strength - increase of 88% *with regular exercise
  • Sexual Potency - increase of 75%
  • Emotional Stability - increase of 67%

Over a six month period you will see improvement at each month.

1st Month: Physical stamina and energy will increase, along with steadier sleeping patterns and happier attitude. 2nd Month: improved muscle tone, nail growth and firmer skin along with weight loss and improved digestion. 3rd Month: Improvement in mental processes and sexual desires, increase in lean muscle mass and body flexibility. 4th Month: Further increase of the first 3 months improvements. 5th Month: Noticeable loss in weight caused by fat (greater body mass with reduction in adipose tissue), smoother skin with fewer wrinkles, improved and thickened skin, greater skin elasticity, and improved hair appearance (i.e. healthier looking hair). 6th Month: reduction in cellulite, increase in sharper eyesight, more emotional stabile, improved immunity with quicker healing and resistance to the flu and common colds, decreased joint soreness and related pain, better indurance when exercising tolerance, in cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and improved heart rate. Improvements can vary from one person to next depending on lifestyle and diet.

Growth Hormone - the elixir of youth

Where to buy Jintropin AQ Thailand?

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Order at least 300 IU of Ansomone and pay wholesale price 23,000 Baht

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About us

We are people who were interested in anti-aging products for many years, particularly HGH. Our long research has shown that nowadays we can see so many fake HGH products available online and in the pharmacies, (94.5%) including generic HGH from China. As a result, we decided to establish a long relationship with the producers of famous brands to provide our clients Real HGH for the price of generic HGH from China.

We don't recommend you to buy just any generic products because nobody knows where it came from and what kinds of raw material were used for its production. We don't recommend you to buy any brands which are not produced by famous companies because only famous brands can give you an assurance with an Official and Unique anti-counterfeiting system for verifying genuine HGH online. We don't want our customers to spend money on something that doesn't work at all and in the worst case scenario can cause serious health problems.

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